Houston-born, New Orleans-bred O.G. Blake Owens isn’t just a rapper; he’s an innovator blending the best of hip-hop’s old school and new school into a new sound that you can hear in his smooth delivery, lyrics, and his take on real-life topics. By performing only with his live band, Blake delivers an intimate performance no matter how big the venue. 

Owens is also the co-founder of the largest social bike club in New Orleans, Get Up ‘N’ Ride, with hundreds of bikers riding through the city on Tuesday nights to colorful lights and music. He is also the co-creator of "You Are What You Eat NOLA" which teaches ppl how to cook healthy food without meat in a garden every month.  

From collaborating with lil Wayne to going on the road with scarface as his opening act, Blake has learned a lot and is ready to give himself to the world
It is impossible to box him in as just another rapper, Blake's interesting life and experiences will keep you curious and wanting to hear more. Get to know this college degree'd, street credible artist by clicking on a few things. If you like what you see, join the mailing list to get updates about new music, videos, and other content.